Use of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is being implemented in healthcare to securely record and preserve patient data. The global blockchain in healthcare market is expected to reach USD 4.46 billion by 2026.

Artificial Intelligence Vogue Will Prevail

AI is transforming healthcare with accurate patient examination, self-decision-making, cost-effectiveness, reduction of human errors, faster recovery, and streamlining processes.

Incorporating the Internet of Things

IoT healthcare solutions to exceed USD 253.7B by 2026, with remote patient monitoring crucial for chronic conditions. Top solutions: ECG monitoring, body vitals monitoring, rehab.

Cloud-Based Technology Gaining Traction

Cloud-based solutions simplify healthcare data storage, with 24x7 accessibility for Electronic Health Records. The healthcare sector stores 30% of global digital records and is projected to reach 36% by 2025.

Augmented Reality

AR improves medical training and diagnostics, with projected adoption in healthcare to reach $19.6B by 2030. Applications include defibrillator location, breastfeeding help, etc.

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