Come Up With A NEW App Idea?

Spark app ideas with these techniques, not luck.

Explore the app stores, enter keywords, and follow each thread. Keep your imagination unrestricted to all possibilities to discover potential app ideas.

Check app stores

Study app reviews for potential ideas, then Google to see if a solution exists. If so, improve it with better UX or marketing.

find user pain points

Collaborate with creative people to generate ideas and avoid criticism in the early stages. Save critiques for validation after idea refinement.

Brainstorm with group

Study social media for app ideas. Look for relevant groups and influencers, and use sentiment analysis tools for user insights.

Social media app search

Explore forums like Reddit and Quora for app ideas based on shared problems. Discover new platforms and startups on Kickstarter, AngelList, and Product Hunt for inspiration.

Explore app platforms

Connect with tech entrepreneurs to be inspired and find your next big idea. They can hold you to a higher standard and provide valuable insights.

Attend events