15 Plumbing Marketing Tips to Drive More Customers and Sales

Have you ever thought about how your competitors getting more business? Are they leveraging the power of plumbing internet marketing? 

Without a shadow of a doubt! More than ever, businesses need to show their active online presence to reach their target customers and drive more sales. 

Struggling to decide whether your online marketing effort is worth it?  Will it be a good investment? 

Don’t let it trouble you! Here are some thought-provoking statistics that will blow your mind and help you make a well-informed decision about plumbing marketing: 

Some of the Eye-Opening Statistics Are 

  • Around 51% of consumers search for a new business via mobile searches.  
  • It might be interesting to know that 30% of mobile searches are conducted to find the right location.  
  • Not only this, 48% of smartphone users perform their mobile research by utilizing search engines.  
  • 28% of local searches can be transformed into purchases or conversions. 

Now, you might be convinced that having a solid online presence can positively impact your business, captivate your users’ attention, and skyrocket your sales. 

Thinking about where to start? Don’t push the panic button! In this blog, we’ll cover 15 powerful and proven plumbing marketing tips  

15 Winning Plumbing Marketing Tips to Elevate Your Marketing Game-

1. Work on Your Plumbing Website

Make your digital home worth visiting.

Did you know 60% of Google searches are done via mobile devices, which shows that people do online searches more from mobile instead of a desktop? Your website is your digital home, and making it mobile-friendly is one of the plumbing marketing strategies to acquire more leads and sales for your business.  

Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly :

  • Use a responsive design: It ensures your website works well on all devices and screen sizes.  
  • Optimize page loading speed: A fast-loading website can attract more users, so utilizing optimal coding practices can boost the page loading speed.  
  • Mobile-friendly fonts: Use fonts that can be appropriate for small screens and don’t require zooming in to read them.  
  • Streamline navigation: Make the navigation easy so your users can understand what actions they need to perform without any confusion.  
  • Optimize images and multimedia: Compress the images without deteriorating their quality. Using HTML5 for videos can be a great option.  
  • Utilize mobile SEO: It is essential to do website optimization for mobile search engines by incorporating mobile-friendly keywords and utilizing structured data, along with proper indexing across mobile pages. 

2. Optimize Your Web for Local SEO 

Local Visibility Made Simple. 

In the busy world, people don’t have time to talk to each other, and even they don’t know their neighbors’ names, so asking for a referral is quite challenging.  

Right? Here comes the search engine where people can quickly find the services they seek.  

Therefore, a local SEO becomes a need of an hour. Your business can leverage the advantages of local SEO and create a money-making plumbing internet marketing strategy of your business-  

  • It might be interesting to know 90% of customers utilize the Internet to search for local businesses.  
  • Find out local keywords that help to make your business appear on the top pages of search engines, such as “plumbers near me” or “plumbing services in (your city).”  
  • Incorporate local keywords in the website so search engines can make your website appear on the top pages of SERPs. 

3. Optimize Google My Business (GMB) Listing

Maximize your local SEO potential and enhance visibility.

Your business can harness the capabilities of the internet and list your business in GMB, a service-area business. Additionally, the service area radius or Zip codes can be added to enhance the chances of your business in the search engine rankings.  

After service area information has been added, you can further optimize your plumbing company marketing GMB profile- 

  • Provide the information, including number, address, phone number (NAP), hours of operation, and website URL.  
  • Select the appropriate categories and be specific while choosing them, such as plumbing contractor, emergency plumber, or plumber. 
  • Write a compelling description of your business highlighting your USP and services offered. Remember to include relevant keywords.  
  • Add high-quality images and gather positive reviews showing your commitment to customer satisfaction. 

4. Leverage Your Services With Google Ads 

Drive more leads and maximize profits.

It can be a great option to showcase your business in front of your targeted users, as people don’t have enough time to scroll for different plumbing companies. Therefore, it can be an excellent plumbing marketing plan as your customer will easily learn about your business. 

  • You can utilize location targeting to display your ads to the targeted users residing in those areas.  
  • Incorporating relevant and local keywords like “plumber near me” can help your business position itself in front of a targeted audience actively seeking plumbing solutions.  
  • Customize your ads by utilizing different formats, including text, images, and videos, to appeal to a large customer base.  
  • It has comprehensive tracking and analytics features that help you know your campaigns’ success, such as clicks, conversions, and key metrics. 

5. Get Ahead With Email Marketing

Seamlessly connect with your potential customers and generate sales.  

It is one of the useful plumbing marketing ideas that can help you to reach your customers quickly and encourage them to take action.  

Some of the Email Marketing Tips That Make Your Email Marketing Game a Big Success :

  • Create an email subscriber list to encourage visitors who browse your site or inquire about your service. You can collect their email addresses during service appointments or with the help of online forms.  
  • You can segment and personalize your email list based on past services, location, or preferences so your customer can receive the right service deals.  
  • You can also send them routine service reminders, including filter replacement, plumbing inspections, etc.  
  • Along with that, share seasonal offers and promotions to encourage your customers for necessary action. Let’s say you can send them an exclusive deal for water heater maintenance during winter. 

6. Social Media Marketing 

Connect, engage with your audience, and build credibility.

Level up your plumbing internet marketing game by incorporating powerful strategies like social media marketing to promote your plumbing business and boost brand awareness. Here are some of the key aspects that need to be considered while leveraging social media marketing 

  • Create visually appealing and professional profiles on social media platforms while adding contact details, business information, and website URLs.  
  • Identifying your potential audience across social media platforms based on location interest and demographics can help you to create relevant content, which, in turn, captivates their attention.  
  • Consistent branding and community engagement can help you foster brand loyalty and positively connect your users with you. 
  • You can also collaborate with relevant influences, organize social media contests and giveaways, positive reviews, and testimonials to help your potential users encourage decision-making. 

7. Make Your Facebook Business Page

Maximize opportunities and fuel your business growth. 

Facebook has 2.9 billion active users every month worldwide, which shows that utilizing Facebook can be a spectacular option for attracting a large customer base.  

Effective Plumbing Internet Marketing Tips to Make Your Business Thrive :

  • Create a business page and enter relevant business information ” About Us” section, including description, areas you serve, website URL, experience, and expertise.  
  • Customize your page tabs by including photos, reviews, and services.  
  • Craft engaging content and send personal invites to your friends to get more likes.  
  • Finally, run Facebook ads to increase your reach and attract more customers. 

8. Give Them Social Proof

Build trust and credibility and elevate your brand reputation. 

No one denies the fact that in the digital age, customers cannot mindlessly trust what brands will say and commit. They require some social proof to understand that the brand is delivering its promise and giving customer satisfaction their priority. It is one of the effective plumbing marketing ideas to showcase your business’s reliability and credibility and build trust. 

  • Harnessing the power of positive reviews, testimonials, and feedback is the cornerstone of building trust, authenticity, and credibility. You can take positive reviews from satisfied customers, which can help gain potential customers’ attention and foster loyalty.  
  • Taking real feedback from a genuine customer base can help you to understand how your business is meeting expectations and help you to improvise your plumbing services.  

9. A Solid Customer Referral Program Works

Win more customers and propel your business forward.  

This referral program is a structured system in which you can encourage your customers to refer your services to your friends and family; in return, they will get the chance to earn lucrative rewards. This plumbing marketing strategy can help you expand your plumbing network and amplify your growth.  

Tested Tips for a Successful Customer Referral Program :

  • Offer attractive incentives or rewards to your existing customers who refer your services. The incentive can be a gift card, a discount on the next plumbing service, or free plumbing check, etc.  
  • You should have a clear referral process for how your plumbing business works. You can provide them with unique referral codes, referral forms, or referral cards so that you can make the process simple and trackable. 
  • Regularly communicate with your existing customers via social media, posts, email newsletters, and website banners, or directly talk with them to make them understand the benefits of joining your referral program. 

10. Partner With a Local Builder

Collaborate to gain more sales and revenue. 

Research the local builders around you that align with your plumbing expertise, connect with them, and explain how your work added value to their clients.  

Remember to have a clear communication and written agreement that includes all the important aspects, including project allocation, duration, terms, specific arrangement, pricing, etc.  

This plumbing marketing strategy can help you get a steady stream of the project and work. This way, your business can ensure consistent sales and revenue. 

11. Retarget Your Site Visitors

Maximize conversions by turning them into customers. 

In this plumbing internet marketing technique, you can retarget the potential visitors that have shown interest in your website because there are chances that they will convert into your customers.  

Here Are Some of the Profound Tips to Make Your Retargeting Strategy Effective :

  • Install tracking pixels or cookies on your website, which can efficiently collect and track your visitors’ behavior.  
  • You can segment your audience in accordance with their interest, behavior, etc. Let’s say you can segment them on the basis of project pages visited, the time spent on your website, and the visitors who abandoned shopping cards.  
  • For retargeting, choose the right platform, including Google, Facebook ads, etc. 

Pro tip: Don’t bombard your ads excessively on your retargeted audience. 

12. Influencer marketing 

Amplify reach and engagement and grow your business. 

Although influencer marketing is a well-known strategy used in food and cosmetics, you can utilize this plumbing marketing strategy for your business too. 

Tips to Make Your Influencing Marketing a Big Success :

  • Research the relevant influencers within the plumbing Industries with strong credibility and following on social media platforms.  
  • Collaborate with them to showcase your extremely wonderful services and Boost Your credibility. 
  • The content can be educational and related to plumbing issues, industry trends, or DIY tips.  
  • Additionally, you can provide exclusive discounts or promotions with a limited-time offer to build a sense of urgency. 

13. Strategize Your Content Marketing Game

Build a relationship, boost engagement, and drive growth.

It is a plumbing Marketing strategic approach in which you share relevant and super valuable content with your targeted audience to build trust and authenticity.  

Consider the Following Tips to Strategize Content Marketing :

  • Acquire a deep understanding of your target audiences, such as their preferences, needs, and pain points. Craft your content that addresses their plumbing issues and problems.  
  • Create different plumbing content formats, such as how-to guides, videos, blog articles, tutorials, infographics, etc., that provide real value to your customers.  
  • Showcase the successful projects you have completed in which your customer is highly satisfied with your services.  
  • Utilize relevant keywords to optimize your content for search engines. 

14. Video Marketing

Captivate audience attention and drive meaningful engagement.  

There is no doubt that videos are more engaging than texts and images. Therefore, consider the following tips for implementing video marketing to skyrocket your plumbing internet marketing 

  • Create quality videos that give them visual proof of your plumbing skills and help them understand the values you can bring.  
  • You can also showcase the company culture or behind-the-scenes videos to make it more relatable.  
  • You can also host live video demonstrations and Q& A sessions to build authenticity and encourage them for real-time engagement. 

15. Track Your Digital Marketing Effort

Optimize your strategies and thrive for success.

Tracking and measuring your plumbing business’s digital marketing effort can help you optimize your strategies. This way, you can understand whether the money invested in marketing is worth it or not.  

Tips to Successfully Track Your Marketing Efforts :

  • Set clear objectives to clarify what you expect from your marketing campaign, whether you want to generate leads, improve brand awareness, drive more conversions, increase web traffic, etc.  
  • Implement analytical tools like Google Analytics and monitor KPIs.  
  • Conduct A/B testing to test which strategy can provide the best outcomes. 

Grow Your Plumbing Business With Gleexa

Whether you want to start your plumbing business or looking to leverage the potential of the internet for your existing business or struggling to boost your online presence, leveraging plumbing marketing strategies can help your business to amplify its online presence, and brand visibility and drive more qualified leads. 

Don’t know where to start? Gleexa, a leading plumbing SEO agency helps you to stay ahead of the curve by incorporating the latest digital technologies and trends.

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