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Custom Web Application Software Development Service Provider

Gleexa is a custom web application development company that helps to develop fully customized web apps designed to suit unique business challenges. Our web application software development leverage the latest technology stack and tools to spur innovations that will set you apart from the competition.

Want a high-performing, intuitive, and feature-rich web application? Our web application development services focus on providing top-notch web app solutions, including better navigation, enhanced performance, faster page loading, and optimal resource utilization at a competitive cost.

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Custom SMBs Web Development
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Our Expertise

Our Expertise Encircles the Following Custom Web Application Development Services

Gleexa offers the full range of web application software development services, from end-to-end custom apps to technology consulting to cross-platform apps to more. 

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Our Web App Development Process

From Requirement Analysis To Deployment

Gleexa has an expertise-driven web app development process that can help businesses to stand in the digital space and accelerate their growth to the next level.

  • Know your business objectives
  • Evaluation of your needs
  • Determine the competitive challenges
  • Devise a solution
  • Research the competitive space
  • Craft a business strategy
  • Validate the strategy
  • Execute the plan
  • User journey mapping
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • Design UI/UX
  • Configuration of front-end architecture
  • Write code
  • Back-end setup & configuration
  • Add functionalities
  • Integration of third-party plugins
  • Usability testing
  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Code Review
  • Bug fixing
  • Deploy the web app
  • Make it available for users
  • Constant monitoring
  • Review user feedback
  • Post-implementation support
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Which Hiring Model Works Best for Your Business?

Our Hiring Models

Below are our hiring models to help you to determine the right hiring model for your business.

Dedicated Team

We provides a dedicated resources team to work exclusively on the client’s project. The team operates as an extension of the client’s in-house team, and the client pays a fixed monthly fee for the team’s services.

Time & Material

In this model, The client pays for the actual time and materials used during the project. The scope of the project may not be clearly defined, and the client has the flexibility to make changes or additions as needed.

Fixed Cost Model

In a fixed-cost model,
The client and Gleexa agree on a fixed cost for the entire project. The project scope of work, budget estimate, and timeline will be predetermined before the start of the project development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the commonly asked FAQs are mentioned below to clarify your doubts and let you know an in-depth and profound knowledge of web app development services.

Since you are unfamiliar with the benefits and drawbacks of each programming language and its applications, selecting the appropriate tech stack is extremely difficult if you lack technical knowledge. Gleexa, a custom web application development company, will help you choose the right tech stack for your web app so that you can get a highly scalable, robust, best-performance web app.

Our specialized team will respond to your questions and adequately help you based on the type of changes you want to your app and the services you select. Additionally, if you require any adjustments while the app is still being developed or before it has launched, you can get in touch with the developer directly.

Of course. As a web app development company, we encourage our clients to be involved in the development process. We create web apps on our server and give you access codes and passwords so that you can log in and check how your website is being developed as it is being developed. A project manager is assigned to assist you in developing and conveying your requirements. Additionally, you can connect with the developer directly through Skype, email, and phone calls.

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