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E-Commerce Services: Exceptional Solutions for Your Online Business

Get a Winning Edge in Your Online Business With Our Ecommerce Solutions

Gleexa Ecommerce services are known for offering the best technological advancements needs. As an eCommerce service provider, we have a team of highly qualified business consultants and skilled coders to assist your business in troubleshooting various challenges and meeting business objectives.

Types of E-commerce solutions we provide:

We provide modern technology-driven solutions with premium features to attract more customers and maximize your business revenues.

  1. E-commerce development
  2. E-commerce implementation
  3. E-commerce integration development
  4. E-commerce microservices architecture
  5. Multi-store eCommerce
Users Purchased Products Online
25 %
Year-Over-Year Growth
5 %
US Consumers Will Shop Online
150 M

Types of E-Commerce Solutions We Provides

Our Expertise Encircles the Following eCommerce Solutions Services

Gleexa eCommerce solutions take into account every detail to ensure that traffic and revenues constantly meet your growth objectives.

Our Network Size

Dedicated Talents
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Top Remote Talents

2 %

Cost Advantage

20 %

Globally Serve

Happy Clients
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Looking for the Best Ecommerce Solutions?

Our Ecommerce services help create user journeys that allow your business to turn your visitors into potential buyers.

Key Features of an Ecommerce Site

Tap the Massive Opportunities of the Digital Age

Enhance your user experience and engage them seamlessly with your eCommerce store to enhance conversions and sales, which in turn can accelerate the returns on investment and overall growth to the next level.

1. Easy-To-Use Navigation

An eCommerce service should have a user-friendly navigation system to assist customers in finding the products they require quickly. It allows customers to shop by category, discounted prices, and exclusively look for things from their favorite brands.

2. Push Notifications

Push notifications are the next-best way of gaining subscribers from visits to your eCommerce site if you want to avoid spam filters and social media algorithm upgrades. In addition, you can send notifications to subscribers to let them know about discounts and offers.

3. Multiple Payment Options

A seamless Ecommerce service makes the purchasing process as simple as possible for your customers by including various online payment options in the shopping cart. In addition, it will enhance your chances of closing the sale during the final checkout process on your website.

4. Extensive Product Information

Ensure to provide as much product information as possible to persuade your clients that your product is of good value and worth their money. Good Ecommerce services include extensive product descriptions that provide information on size, material, color, ingredients, etc.

Technologies We Use

Our Tech Expertise

Gleexa is a top-rated eCommerce solutions provider that provides exceptional E-commerce solutions by harnessing the latest technologies and advancements.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, React, Bootstrap, Vue.js


MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQL Server

Back End

C#, Webserver, Python, Java, ExpressJS, Spring, Node.JS, PHP, .NET

Mobile App Development

Swift, Ionic, Kotlin, Flutter, Xamarin, React Native, iOS, Android

Our E-commerce Services Cost & ROI

Transparency Beyond Words!

Our experienced team helps your business to maximize its revenues while also taking care of the cost involved in the project.

For Mid-size businesses ($10,000- $50,000)

  • B2B and B2C features
  • Full customizations
  • SEO-friendly navigation
  • Shipping & Inventory management solutions
  • Ecommerce implementation
  • Content management system

For large-size/Enterprise businesses ($50,000 – $200,000)

  • B2B and B2C features
  • Full customizations
  • SEO-friendly navigation
  • Shipping & Inventory management solutions
  • E-commerce implementation
  • Content management system
  • E-commerce integration development
  • Integrations with enterprise ERPs
  • E-commerce microservices architecture
  • Multi-store E-commerce

How Our Process Works!

From Requirement Analysis To Launch

We follow a strategic eCommerce development process to enhance your user’s online experience, boost scalability and skyrocket your business growth.

  • Evaluate business needs
  • Understand target audience
  • Research competitive marketplace 
  • Identify customer audience
  • Choose the platform
  • Define strategies & specific tools
  • Formulate a proven business plan
  • Clients’ approval & feedback
  • Wireframing 
  • Live to design 
  • Usability 
  • Development of Ecommerce store
  • Usability & security testing
  • Bug fixing
  • Launch your Ecommerce store
  • Seamless post-implementation support 
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Get Complete Hiring Flexibility Within Your Financial Capacity!

Explore Our Flexible Project Engagement Models

Look at the hiring models below to know which hiring model is the best for your business.

Dedicated Team

This E-commerce dedicated model solely focuses on long-term basis projects, which also allows the businesses to get full control of team management. It is great for large enterprises.

Time & Material

It is an approach where you can hire eCommerce developers based on the resources and time utilized on your project, and it provides usually great flexibility to your business.

Fixed Cost Model

It is a suitable model for small businesses where the Ecommerce project’s demands and requirements won’t be changed and also good for those with budget constraints.

Know More About Our E-commerce Services!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) that will help you get your questions answered and gain a thorough understanding of our eCommerce solution services.

Some of the profound benefits of Ecommerce solutions are:

  • More site visitors and a longer average stay.
  • Seamless customer experience.
  • SEO-friendly navigation.
  • Enhance the conversion rate.
  • The decline in the return rate.
  • Help to eclipse your competition.
  • Quality assured results.
  • Increased throughput.

No, there are no size restrictions as a result. The main advantage of having an online store is the ability to expand your consumer base as needed while adding a limitless number of products and catalogs.

In the internet age, businesses prefer to build online stores to increase engagement and expand their customer reach. Choosing a competent eCommerce service provider is crucial when building your online store. Gleexa is a top-notch eCommerce development company that helps in creating your store easily and quickly with sophisticated functionalities to boost your sales and maximize your ROI.

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