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At Gleexa, we create state-of-the-art web applications that offer a fully immersive experience and operate seamlessly across all browsers. We assist you in bringing your business to the world through the development of progressive web apps in a way that the world wants to interact with your business.

Our PWA application development guarantee lag-free operation and deliver a native-like experience. We strive to increase user engagement, optimize user experience, and simplify access to mobile applications across all platforms.

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What We Offer

Our Expertise Encircles the Following PWA Development Services

We offer premium progressive web apps that are incredibly effective and responsive and focus on addressing specific user requirements. 

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Why PWA?

Progressive Web Apps Benefits

PWA apps can provide an immersive experience to their users and enhance user engagement due to their magnitude of benefits.

Consistently Fast

Progressive web apps deliver consistently soaring experiences by providing quick starting of an app once the data has been cached even without using the network.

Robust User Experience

PWAs have a native app-like feel and install on the user's home screen and function similarly to them by sending push notifications & utilizing the device's features.

Secure Navigation

Like mobile apps, progressive web apps provide secure navigation and work run in full-screen mode, show live on the home page, and utilize device capabilities.

Maximize User Engagement

The progressive web apps should maximize user engagement by offering intuitive features like push notifications, home screen icons, & full-screen functionality.

Blazing Performance

PWAs can function much more quickly due to their underlying technology that handles caches and serves text, stylesheets, pictures, and other resources.

More Affordable

The PWAs development cost is less expensive than native apps as it utilizes the current framework without using many programming languages & technologies.

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Which Hiring Model Works Best for Your Business?

Our Hiring Models

Below are our hiring models to help you to determine the right hiring model for your business.

Dedicated Team

We provides a dedicated resources team to work exclusively on the client’s project. The team operates as an extension of the client’s in-house team, and the client pays a fixed monthly fee for the team’s services.

Time & Material

In this model, The client pays for the actual time and materials used during the project. The scope of the project may not be clearly defined, and the client has the flexibility to make changes or additions as needed.

Fixed Cost Model

In a fixed-cost model, The client and Gleexa agree on a fixed cost for the entire project. The project scope of work, budget estimate, and timeline will be predetermined before the start of the project development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the commonly asked FAQs are mentioned below to clarify your doubts and let you know an in-depth and profound knowledge of PWA development.

Being an experienced progressive web app development company, we recommend technologies based on the particular requirements of our clients along with the end-user preferences and the marketplace they want to cater to. On the other hand, progressive web apps are an excellent option for startups and new applications because it enables them to reach clients immediately. 

Yes! PWA is supported by all popular desktop and mobile browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and others.

Yes, a user does not need to go through additional installation steps to use a PWA. Moreover, finding information is accessible, and customers can purchase goods or services without downloading apps to their smartphones. It also enables easy accessibility on search engines and helps save device storage.

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