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Our DevOps consulting services can speed up your cloud operations and workflows while lowering costs, boosting efficiency, and minimizing the deployment management cycle. Gleexa, a DevOps development consulting company, can help your business improve throughput, create robust systems, and shorten the time to market.

Need seamless DevOps consulting services? We assist you in adopting the most cutting-edge automation, development, and implementation techniques to speed up and optimize your work processes significantly.

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What We Offer

Our Expertise Encircles the Following DevOps Development Consulting Services

Gleexa, a top DevOps consulting company, can offer a continuous delivery pipeline across cloud platforms for a quicker time-to-market.

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Our DevOps Consulting Process

From Planning To Support

Gleexa speed up the development, testing, and release process while reducing release time without incurring huge costs.

  • Examine your IT infrastructure
  • Identify available IT resources
  • Analyze the current software development cycle
  • Map out business expectations
  • Determine IT capabilities and limitations
  • Create the containerization strategy
  • Create the CI/CD methodology
  • Integrate with CI/CD tools
  • Create a system for automated monitoring
  • Develop the necessary DevOps tools
  • Introduce the IaaC methodology
  • Assist in the deployment
  • Setup of CI/CD and test automation technologies
  • Monitor your DevOps implementation goals
  • Maintain software infrastructure functionality
  • Make modifications
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Which Hiring Model Works Best for Your Business?

Our Hiring Models

Below are our hiring models to help you to determine the right hiring model for your business.

Dedicated Team

We provides a dedicated resources team to work exclusively on the client’s project. The team operates as an extension of the client’s in-house team, and the client pays a fixed monthly fee for the team’s services.

Time & Material

In this model, The client pays for the actual time and materials used during the project. The scope of the project may not be clearly defined, and the client has the flexibility to make changes or additions as needed.

Fixed Cost Model

In a fixed-cost model, The client and Gleexa agree on a fixed cost for the entire project. The project scope of work, budget estimate, and timeline will be predetermined before the start of the project development.

Learn More About DevOps Consulting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the commonly asked FAQs are mentioned below to clarify your doubts and let you know an in-depth and profound knowledge of DevOps development consulting services.

DevOps specialists will make your development and operations well-coordinated to enhance the frequency of software releases while enhancing their reliability. DevOps consulting services help you integrate cutting-edge approaches to produce high-quality software, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and infrastructure as a code (IaaC) methodologies.

Here are some factors that suggest you need a DevOps consulting services

  1. The absence of cooperation across the teams (development, testing, system administration, and security).
  2. Infrastructure alterations.
  3. Software updates and bug fixes.
  4. Slow software delivery and poor software quality.

With numerous solutions for IT issues, DevOps appears to have a bright future. It helps IT companies currently utilize to provide their clients with speedier, more reliable solutions. The advantages provided by DevOps

  • Increasing product quality
  • Low production costs
  • Ensure a faster response
  • Application distribution on a regular basis

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