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Make Smarter Decisions with a Data Science and Analytics Company

We Transform Your Data into Powerful Predictions

We will solve your business problem. At Gleexa, we have extensive knowledge about data’s role in driving your business success. With our profound data analytics expertise, we ensure you won’t face any data issues and assist you in extracting valuable insights and making wise decisions. Don’t worry about the experts! We have an entire team of reliable and dedicated professionals well-versed in Deep learning, Machine learning, and Artificial intelligence to solve any business problem that comes your way. We are not boasting; rather, we have robust data strategies and data-driven decision frameworks that work. So, who’s stopping you from making informed decisions that drive profitability and success? Partner with us for data science and analytics solutions and solve complex business challenges with innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies.

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What You Get with Gleexa

Our Menu of Data Science Services

We know how to fulfill your unique requirements. Discover the power of our trusted and secure data science solution, covering data engineering, machine learning model development, advanced analytics, and transformative AI application.

Our Network Size

Dedicated Talents
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Want to make insightful decisions?

We give a boost to your business strategy with AI and ML mastery.

Why Gleexa as Your Data Science Services Provider?

Why Choose Us!

We have an exceptional track record of delivering successful data science and analytics solutions. The following reasons make us your promising data science services provider.

1. Deliver Measurable Results

We are a creative team with highly skilled data scientists and researchers who have aced the ROI game for our clients.

2. Creative Problem Solvers

We are dedicated! Yes, we have a unique and transformative approach to ensure excellent results for every obstacle that comes your way.

3. Insightful Data Exploration

We don't miss any data sources! We thoroughly analyze and make methodologies to recognize opportunities for predictive and automated solutions.

Technologies We Use

Our Tech Stack

We leverage a powerful and cutting-edge tech stack for data science and analytics services. Our tech stack is developed on top industry tools and frameworks such as Kubernetes, TensorFlow, OpenCV, etc. Hence, we ensure to serve you the best combination that results in advanced modeling, better data processing, and insightful visualization.

Programming Languages

✓ Scala
✓ Java
✓ C++


✓ Caffe
✓ Kubernetes
✓ TensorFlow
✓ OpenCV


✓ Azure Machine Learning
✓ Apache Spark
✓ Amazon Machine Learning
✓ Theano
✓ Keras

How We Work?

Our Data Analysis Process to Ensure the Best Possible Results

We follow a comprehensive and iterative approach to make your data projects successful. Our experts work closely with you to continuously refine our methods for the right delivery.

What is your business requirement? Yes, this is the initial step of the way. Recognizing requirements and then understanding the needs and expectations of the users is the key job we do here. We explore your data and then set the project goals.

After setting up your business goals, our dedicated data science experts check the given data sets, using agile methodologies to perform deep data mining and analysis.

Development is crucial! Our team is well-trained to handle this and has started developing training models using the already prepared data. Accuracy is of utmost importance, so our professionals make data analytic models that fit right with your business goal.

As the modeling process is over, our data scientist doesn’t stop and deeply evaluate and modify the chosen analytics model. A detailed analysis is conducted of model performance and metric values, and we move forward for continuous improvement and accuracy.

Deployment, a scary word! Not with us, for sure. Here, your final model is deployed on a dedicated test server, where it interacts with the real data, and we check its performance. Once the validation is done, we move ahead with transitioning the model into production for active usage and ensure smooth performance.

We don’t stick to only deployment. Instead, we commit beyond that. We support you with the successful operation of the deployed model. You can connect with us any time of the day for regular technical assistance and maintenance for optimal performance.

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Who Works for You?

We Know Exactly How to Elevate Your Digital Initiatives

What’s your goal? Do you want to outsource a data science project or need any staff augmentation services? Gleexa works with a flexible engagement model that is suitable to your business needs. Our dedicated experts are ever ready to serve you exceptionally well.   

Machine Learning Engineers 

Big Data Architects 

Business Analysts 

Data Analysts 

Project Managers 

Data Scientists 


Quality Assurance Specialists

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Driving Innovation Through Cutting-Edge Methods

Our Methods and Algorithms

Let’s explore a diverse range of cutting-edge methods and algorithms to extract actionable insights from data.

Machine Learning Methods

  • Supervised Learning Algorithms 
  • Unsupervised Learning Algorithms 
  • Reinforcement Learning Methods 


  • Descriptive Statistics 
  • Inferential Statistics 
  • ARMA 
  • ARIMA 
  • Bayesian Inference 

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

  • Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks 
  • Autoencoders 
  • Generative Adversarial Networks 
  • Deep Q-Networks 
  • Bayesian Deep Learning

Learn More About Our Remarkable Data Science Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most commonly answered FAQs related to Data science and analytics solutions.

Data science is the domain where statistical analysis and machine learning methods are used to get actionable insights and knowledge from data. At Gleexa, we offer a broad spectrum of data science development services. Our services include complete data analysis, data cleaning and preparation, machine learning model development, etc.

We can work with a diverse array of data types, comprising both structured and unstructured. Our professionals can work with different data types like images, text, or more. We have a team who can easily manage big and intricate datasets to get actionable insights.

Data science can solve several business problems across industries. With data science, you can achieve customer acquisition, supply chain optimization, marketing tactics measurement, and optimization, retention strategies, predictive analytics, healthcare analytics, fraud detection, financial analysis, and sentimental analysis.

Gleexa is a reliable data science development firm that has expertise in AI, data engineering, and data science solutions. With extensive knowledge in end-to-end machine learning projects, applying AI use cases, and deploying ML models in production, we stand tall. Our data science squad believes in 5 pillars: innovation, talent, execution, advanced tech training, and problem-solving capabilities.

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