Retail & Omnichannel: The Customer Journey Is More Complex in 2024

People are increasingly careful about how they spend their money and spend more time before making a purchase

There is much more attention in seeking information on products that meet needs, in seeking quality products with the best price also in relation to the services offered (returns, shipping, warranty, etc.).

According to Google research, 60% of consumers take at least 6 actions before deciding to purchase a product or brand they were unfamiliar with , including:

  • Compare the price of similar brands or products (80%)
  • Search online for reviews and information (75%)
  • Visit the brand or product’s website or app (67%)
  • Going to see the product in store (66%)
  • Check marketplaces and online retailers for information and reviews (60%)
  • Consult the return policy (60%)

The interesting fact is that consumers are more inclined to do research when making purchases from a brand they have already purchased from in the past rather than a new one, in the constant search for quality-price. That is, we never stopped building loyalty.

This means that retailers’ current and even long-time customers could be seen as potential customers re-evaluating their options.

To support the loyalty process, today more than ever, Marketing Automation comes into play, which allows you to pamper and follow your customers in an adequate and punctual way in relation to the decisions to be made in the purchasing process, and predictive, working hand in hand with data analytics which, in addition to classifying users by characteristics, tastes and behaviour, predict their actions using data science and Artificial Intelligence software.

Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation, appropriately combined, allow you to obtain performance like never before in the valorization of the KPI mantra the Customer LifeTime Value, and better orient customers in their Customer Journey towards more recognized shores.

But also knowing how to make the most of new Artificial Intelligence technologies to analyze the information available on the market and customers is the frontier towards which digital marketing agencies like ours are targeting, and towards which we are diverting Research & Development budgets, also with the production of internal tools, and with strategic support as premier partner of Google, Meta & Microsoft.

Google’s AI-based solutions, for example, allow us to help retailers plan an optimal strategy that continuously adapts to shoppers’ habits, amplifying trust in every single phase of the purchasing journey.

These innovations and the need to make use of these technologies are absolutely fundamental from 2024 following Cookiegeddon, the withdrawal of third-party cookies from the various digital ecosystems.

And where being able to analyze ROI will be increasingly complex and sophisticated, but with the right technologies it can certainly be done.

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Cheshtha Lakhchaura
Cheshtha Lakhchaura

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