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Full-stack Web Application Development

Indeed, the wheels of digital transformation keep on moving and change the way businesses used to work. The businesses who aspire to accelerate their rate of expansion and proficiently set foot on the emerging evolving landscape, Software development is their go-to option.

Gleexa specializes in full-stack web application development, from front-end prototyping to a full suite of back-end services leveraging emerging technologies.

Hire dedicated full-stack developers from Gleexa who have experience in front-end and back-end web development, including creating UI for browsers and mobile devices and business logic software to access databases.

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Types of Full-Stack Web Development Services We Offer

Our Expertise Encircles the Following Full-stack Development Services

Being a full-stack software development company, we utilize a variety of frameworks, tools, and technologies to create powerful software solutions that maximize your business potential.

Our Network Size

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Does Your Business Unlock the Potential of Advanced Software Solutions?

Get the next-gen full-stack software solutions to deliver an incredibly immersive experience to your users with Gleexa.

Advantages of Full-Stack Development

Benefits of Full Stack Software Development

Businesses benefit from full-stack development by becoming more agile to respond quickly to opportunities and industry trends.


In Full stack development, multiple teams and associated costs can be avoided by having a single team oversee the entire system. The efficiency and workflow can be enhanced, which lowers overall cost.

Enhanced Efficiency

It makes it easier and faster for businesses to develop and deploy software applications which in turn helps them respond quickly to opportunities and become more competitive in the market.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Full-stack development can assist businesses in creating software applications that are more user-friendly and satisfy their client's needs in order to provide a consistent customer experience.

Technologies We Use

Our Tech Expertise

Our dedicated talents revamp your growth funnel by integrating modern technology and digital tools.


It is a popular general-purpose programming language that is quick, object-oriented, and interactive, is made to have straightforward and readable code, and uses a simpler syntax than PHP.


It is a structural framework for building dynamic web apps that permits code reuse, which can significantly boost developer productivity and allows to develop the project more quickly.


It is a cross-platform development for running websites, services, and console apps on macOS, Linux, and Windows. .NET is compatible with a variety of operating systems and .NET implementations.


PHP offers unrivaled development opportunities for creating solid digital experiences that improve brand-customer relationships. We have a skilled team of core PHP and CMS specialists that built specialized eCommerce stores websites, apps, and portals.

Full-stack Development Process

From Requirement Gathering To Deployment

Our full-stack developers follow an agile software development process to ensure the prompt delivery of software products with enhanced flexibility and transparency.

  • Understand business objectives
  • Gather business insights
  • Brainstorming meetings
  • Decide product features
  • Send proposal
  • Create Page layouts
  • Mock-up interfaces
  • Front-end design structures
  • Finalizing requirements
  • Implement databases
  • Coding architecture
  • Project modules
  • Manual testing
  • Automated testing
  • Browser testing
  • Bug fixing
  • Product Deployment
  • Software monitoring
  • Product maintenance
  • Detecting & fixing issues

Why Choose Gleexa for Full-stack Development? 

How Do Gleexa Full-Stack Development Services Help Your Business?

As a full-stack software development company, Gleexa has a track record of successfully completing projects and assisting clients in leveraging opportunities and acquiring the potential of digital transformation.

Best-in-class Expertise

We choose the best software practices and technologies to turn your idea into a specialized product in the shortest time possible. Are you seeking to hire a dedicated full-stack developer? Look no further!

Error-Free Software Delivery

Our full-stack web application development offers bug-free software for maximum product impact. Our scalable, secure, and robust IT solutions are perfected through continuous testing throughout development.

Competitive Prices Guaranteed

We provide our customers with the best competitive prices for full-stack web development services. Our team is competent in developing feature-rich and innovative products to foster brand reputation.

Trusted Companies
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Which hiring model is right for you?

Explore Our Flexible Project Engagement Models

Look at the hiring models below to know which hiring model is the best for your business.

Dedicated Team

In this model, we will provide resources to you full-time for your project and you have to pay for them on a per-month basis.

Time & Material

This model is suitable for those who don’t have a clear roadmap about the project. In which you only have to pay on hourly basis.

Fixed Cost Model

In this model, Under a fixed budget resources will be assigned to complete your project and you have to pay that fixed cost. 

Learn more about Full-stack Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about the most commonly asked questions mentioned below that address your doubts and give you in-depth knowledge of Full-stack development.

A full-stack development company provides end-to-end services from the back end to the front end. They are integral to every stage of the development process.

Cost is a key factor influencing business organizations’ decision to hire a full-stack company. The developers may work on each part of your project to develop an MVP.

A full-stack development company can help you minimize the number of developers your business needs to produce a single product by offering a wide range of technological expertise.

It is going to be difficult to provide an exact estimate for any software development project. The project’s budget, complexities, software features, revisions, and scope will determine how much time is needed to complete it. When we accept the initial estimate, we will let you know how much of the project will be finished in the given budget.

After that, you can provide us feedback so we can make improvements. You shouldn’t be concerned because we are a reputable full-stack software development company.

Yes, with every project, we provide complete maintenance and support services. We take great pride in developing robust and powerful software development along with entire team support to give our clients a sense of relief.

Gleexa full stack web application development, you are free to extend the maintenance and support as long as that suits your needs or preferences so that you can offer the best-in-class customer experience.

To leverage our maintenance and support services, please feel free to get in contact with our team.

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