9 Effective Strategies Where CRO and SEO Work Together to Generate More Leads

In search of effective strategies where CRO and SEO work together to generate more leads, we asked nine industry leaders and SEO professionals to share their insights. From optimizing landing pages for a seamless experience to generating leads with interactive quizzes, discover the top strategies these experts recommend for maximizing lead generation.

Maximizing Leads: 9 Effective Strategies Uniting CRO and SEO

  • Optimize Landing Pages for a Seamless Experience
  • Target Long-Tail Keywords for Higher Conversions
  • Convert SEO Traffic With CRO Tactics
  • Integrate Social Media Marketing Efforts
  • Improve SEO Results by Boosting CRO
  • Capture Interest With Effective Title Tags
  • Include Engaging CTAs in Your Content
  • Balance Traffic and Conversion in the Content Strategy
  • Generate Leads With Interactive Quizzes

Optimize Landing Pages for a Seamless Experience

When a user clicks on a search engine result and lands on a webpage, the design, content, and overall user experience of the landing page play a crucial role in converting that visitor into a lead or customer. By combining CRO and SEO efforts, you can create a seamless experience that both search engines and users appreciate.

How It Works and Why It’s Effective:

Keyword-Driven Content: SEO researches and targets relevant keywords that potential customers use to find products or services.

A/B Testing: CRO involves A/B testing different elements on the landing page to determine what resonates best with the audience. By incorporating insights from A/B tests into SEO strategies, you can further optimize the landing page for both search engines and users.

Relevance and Quality: SEO values relevant and high-quality content. By providing valuable content on the landing page, you not only satisfy search engine algorithms but also build trust with potential customers.

Luca Tagliaferro

Luca Tagliaferro
Contributor, Luca Tagliaferro SEO Consultancy

Target Long-Tail Keywords for Higher Conversions

One effective strategy where Conversion Rate Optimization and SEO work together is optimizing landing pages for targeted long-tail keywords. 

Long-tail keywords are highly specific and less competitive, making it easier to rank higher in search engine results. Plus, they’re usually associated with users who are further along in the buying cycle and, therefore, more likely to convert.

By creating landing pages tailored to these keywords, we provide the exact information the user is searching for, improving their experience and the likelihood they’ll convert. This combined CRO-SEO strategy has led to a significant increase in organic traffic and a higher conversion rate.

Effective implementation of this strategy requires an in-depth understanding of the customer journey, strategic keyword research, and ongoing testing and tweaking to ensure the landing pages continue to deliver results.

Matt Janaway

Matt Janaway
CEO, Marketing Labs

Convert SEO Traffic With CRO Tactics

SEO can be leveraged to funnel traffic to your website’s content-rich sections, like blogs, videos, or podcasts. However, driving traffic is one aspect; converting this into tangible business opportunities is another challenge altogether.

For instance, in the past, I created niche blog posts that successfully garnered over 300 interested clicks per month at no cost. But only a tiny portion of these visitors ended up signing up for our products. 

This was until we shifted our focus towards conversion-rate optimization (CRO) with fairly basic changes, such as making product links more prominent within our blog posts.

It’s crucial to understand that most traffic generated via SEO might not have an immediate purchase intent. It’s easier to rank for long-tail, non-commercial keywords. These visitors aren’t typically in “buyer mode,” and CRO tactics can help transform this passive interest into active engagement.

Rafael Sarim Ozdemir

Rafael Sarim Özdemir
Founder and CEO, Zendog Labs

Integrate Social Media Marketing Efforts

Integrating social media marketing efforts with SEO and CRO strategies can amplify brand visibility, generate more website traffic, and increase conversions. 

By optimizing social media profiles, sharing valuable content, and implementing social-sharing buttons on the website, businesses can leverage social media platforms to drive both organic search traffic and lead generation.

Ben Lau

Ben Lau
Founder, Featured SEO Company

Improve SEO Results by Boosting CRO

Google is tracking goal completions on a website and rewarding sites where users don’t bounce back to Google. 

So, any improvement in CRO directly improves the results from SEO by showing Google that your website is better for its users than the competition.

Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson
E-commerce SEO Consultant, Matt Jackson

Capture Interest With Effective Title Tags

Most people assume title tags to be just an element of SEO, but they’re actually huge for capturing the initial interest of a searcher. 

Ideally, you should have your keyword at the beginning of your title tag, and then use the remaining space to speak to your target audience. Title tags are prime real estate, and you don’t want to neglect them.

Taylor Scher

Taylor Scher
SEO Associate, TaylorscherSEO

Include Engaging CTAs in Your Content

When you include a relevant, engaging call-to-action (CTA) in your content, the CRO benefit is obvious. It encourages users who’ve landed on your content to convert—either by clicking through to a transactional page to potentially make a purchase or by signing up for an email newsletter, etc. 

The SEO benefit is through improved internal linking. Relevant internal links from blog content to transactional pages, such as product pages or product category pages, are important for PageRank (PR). 

PageRank is an algorithm that uses internal links to measure the importance of a page. More internal links equal a more important page and an increased likelihood of ranking.

Will Bourne

Will Bourne
SEO Consultant, GrowRoom

Balance Traffic and Conversion in Content Strategy

Creating a content strategy for any company requires prioritizing pages that balance SEO traffic and low competition, with the ability to convert visitors into leads. 

Research from the CRO team can provide insights into the type of information visitors want on certain pages and the preferred format. This information can be used by the SEO team to better serve the search intent and gain an “information edge” on the page that competitors lack.

Inemesit Ukpanah

Inemesit Ukpanah
Digital PR Specialist, GreenMatch

Generate Leads With Interactive Quizzes

A unique strategy where CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can work together to generate more leads is by utilizing interactive quizzes. By creating an engaging quiz related to your industry or product, you can capture user attention and encourage them to spend more time on your website. 

This not only improves user experience but also increases dwell time, which is a crucial signal for search engines in determining the relevancy and quality of a webpage. By requesting email addresses at the end of the quiz as a lead-generation tactic, you can effectively convert engaged users into potential customers. 

This strategy is effective because it combines two essential elements: attracting organic traffic through improved search engine visibility and converting that traffic into qualified leads through an interactive and personalized experience.

Steve Dinelli

Steve Dinelli
Founder, Marketer Interview

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