Dating App Case Study: UK-based Online Dating App

Gleexa made a highly customized dating app to increase real-life meet-up rates between single people. The development of the app was fascinating. Thanks to their development and business team.

Marie Myung Lee

Industry – Social Networking and Dating
Technologies –
Swift, Objective C, Java, Node. js, JavaScript, HTML5, MongoDB
Platforms –
Mobile, Tablets
Country –
United Kingdom
Duration –
7 Months

About the Brand

The client had a dating website to connect people but wanted to develop the app to offer customers a new channel for engagement because, nowadays mobile apps are more popular than websites as they are more user-friendly.

Business Objective/Project Background

The client came up with an idea for a dating app that nobody felt the need to develop. They believe there was a market for a different online dating experience.
One was using geolocation to link users in the same bar, restaurant, park, or
neighborhood. Users also get the option to search wide geographical areas as
well. But, the prime focus of the client was to connect with the users who were
physically nearby at any given time.

The client felt that this dating app would be a welcome departure from the way
several dating sites functioned. The procedure was running a bit slow and drawn
out, and certainly, it lacked privacy since anyone there on the app had access to a
user’s complete profile. Furthermore, many dating sites were full of spammers
and harassers. The client wanted their app to serve different users.

  • Create a modern and intuitive design for the mobile app.
  • Development of a custom dating app as per the client’s requirements.
  • Integrate 3rd party applications with the app.


  1. User Experience – It’s overt that the UX is very significant no matter the
    application industry you are in. Developing the correct UX for the users is highly valued nowadays as they are pretty strict about the apps. We got stuck in understanding the requirements as per the existing dating industry standards.
  2. Competition – With the increase in the number of dating apps nowadays,
    competition is really high. We faced issues in fetching the correct opportunities.
  3. Security – Guaranteeing the users a decent privacy level along with the appropriate authentication protocols is a real challenge that we faced. Besides, guarantees them that their experience with other users runs well.

App Features

  1. Monetization and rich settings screen
    • In-app purchases for super likes
    • A rich settings screen provides users with complete control
    • Smart push notifications to boost engagement and daily active users
    • Walked by GPS tracking feature, forming local matches
  2. Real-time chat between matched users
    • Real-time chat along with push notifications
    • Video and image upload support
    • Picture messaging from Facebook photos
    • Ability to block problematic users
  3. Social media profile with status updates
    • Social media sign-in using Facebook
    • Facebook location check-ins
    • Facebook photo import to bootstrap dating profiles
    • Background location tracking

Our Solutions

App for iOS & Android: Planning to identify scale, CPI, and profitability potential
from our test budget, we began in iOS. Just after the initial days of being live, we
commenced to increase daily budgets by 30% and expanded to Android.

Step by Step Approach: We designed and developed the website by dividing the
project into multiple sprints. We completed the sprint, got it tested and received
feedback from the client. This allowed us to complete the project on time.

Intuitive Design: We designed a visually stunning, intuitive and modern interface
for the app. We incorporated latest design tools and technologies to build the

Scalable App: We developed a scalable app to allow the application handle a
growing number of customers without compromising on performance.


Since working with the client, we have achieved:
• 7.20% average Click to Install rate
• 42% decrease in CPI in 3 months
• 19.2% increase in revenue
• Setup sophisticated audience targeting to get new users and drive app

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